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Let's Talk

Canberra Tent Embassy Invasion Day

 Let's Talk

27 January 2015

Dan’s Interview with Drew McAlister

 Let's Talk

15 January 2015

drew mcalister

Uncle Peter Hill

 Let's Talk

10 December 2014

Uncle Peter Hill tells his story about where he grew up, moving to Brisbane and how he got started at the station.

Mick Gooda

 Let's Talk

09 December 2014

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner speaking about the social justice report handed to the government recently. 


Mary Graham

 Let's Talk

08 December 2014

Australian Youth Climate Coalition

 Let's Talk

04 December 2014

Larissa Baldwin, Clayton Simpson and Caleb Scanlan speaking about Climate Change and the effects fracking and mining have on communities.


Tyus Arndt

 Let's Talk

03 December 2014

Tyus Arndt from Thursday Island speaks about boarding school in Brisbane, finishing year 12 at Churchie, completing a Certificate III in Screen and Media at Triple A Training and being accepted into Bond University and sings a few songs with his Ukulele


Celeste Liddle

 Let's Talk

02 December 2014

Celeste Liddle is an Arrernte woman living in Melbourne, The National Indigenous Organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) and writes a blog ‘Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist’.

Speaking about the Victorian elections, Unions, Constitutional Recognition and the removal of people from WA Communities.


Movember Mob Shave-Off

 Let's Talk

01 December 2014

The Institute For Urban Indigenous Health, Deadly Choices ambassadors in the studio talking about Men’s Health an Movember.

Nathan Appo, Steve Renouf and Dr Derek Chong.


2 Spirits

 Let's Talk

28 November 2014

Phillip, Dion and Brett from 2 Spirits – The Queensland Aids Council raising awareness for World Aids Day


Tanya Hosch and Mark Yettica-Paulson

 Let's Talk

25 November 2014

Tanya Hosch, CEO of Recognise and Mark Yettica-Paulson speaking about Recognise and the push for Constitutional Recognition


Aunty Lilla Watson & Mary Graham

 Let's Talk

19 November 2014

Professor Jon Altman

 Let's Talk

18 November 2014

Jon Altman is the Professor of Economics and Anthropology at the Australian National Uni and a columnist for ‘Evidently’ in Tracker Magazine.

Speaking about the re-emergence of WA and SA threats to neglect Aboriginal citizens living at homelands, the Remote Jobs and Communities Program that replaced CDEP and that now has 35,000 Indigenous participants in 60 remote regions and opening up Northern Australia for Agriculture.


Murrumu Walubara Yidindji

 Let's Talk

14 November 2014

Murrumu, formally known as Jeremy Geia speaking about giving up his passport, drivers licence, medicare card and belongings and using his tribal name, Murrumu Walubara Yidindji.


Live Broadcast from G20 Protest HQ at Musgrave Park

 Let's Talk

13 November 2014

Wayne Wharton, Burri Jerome

Robbie Thorpe & Vivian Malo from 3CR Melbourne

Michael Balderstone from The Hemp Embassy Nimbin


Professor Larissa Behrendt

 Let's Talk

12 November 2014

Larissa Behrendt  is a Eualeyai/Kamillaroi woman. Larissa is a Professor of Law and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Speaking about the The Bowraville murders and the documentary : Justice ‘Just Us”


Dr Woolumbi Waters

 Let's Talk

11 November 2014

Dr Woolombi Waters is a Kamilaroi man and writer and lecturer at Griffith University. He writes a weekly column for the National Indigenous Times.

Kirsty Parker and Les Malezer

 Let's Talk

10 November 2014

Kirsty Parker and Les Malezer, Co-Chairs of National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples speaking Congress and Les working at the United Nations World Conference for Indigenous Peoples where virtually all governments adopted the UN Resolution.


Kimberley Nicholls

 Let's Talk

07 November 2014

Kimberley Nicholls, Beyondblue’s Roadshow Marketing Manager, speaking about the National Roadshow.



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